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We hereby propose an idea that may help secure the future of Iraq and reviving its 'Semitic' culture, during a time where the U.S continues to procrastinate its dealings the issue of an 'Independent Iraqi State".
We strongly oppose the U.S backing of Shiites in Iraq and the following facts argue that very point:
The Shiite debauchery has been evident since the fall of the former Iraqi regime.
1- Shiites continue to pollute and ebb Iraqi society by importing fugitives from Iran claiming their right to live and squat on Iraqi soil. It should be noted that Illegal immigrants from Iran should be sent back to their country of origin.
Shiites in power are issuing Iraqi citizenships to Iranian national who have been previously expelled from Iraq for matters of false citizenship and it seems that there has been no investigation conducted in that matter as to why those insurgents have been expelled.
They were expelled due to the fact that they were encouraging and spreading their Islamist militant ideologies and causing an uprising amongst their shiiite comerades.
We must note that 95% of Shiites in Iraq are descendants of Indian Soldiers brought into Iraq at the times when Iraq was a British Mandate during the period of WW 1.
and the rest are of Iranian (Persian) stock. Their Indignant acts are proof enough that their medieval mentality and culture continue to destroy the very essence of Iraqi society:
to name a few examples:
1- they strongly believe that 'stealing' is permissible as long as 1/5 of the amount stolen is paid to their Imams.
and that is permitted only as an act against Non-Shiites
they also consider anyone NOT a Shiite as an Infidel and allow the murder of thousands of innocent civilians to justify their acts.
We have also witnessed that the term 'democracy' conflicts with their ideologies. It might be right to raise the question of How Can Democracy prove effective when:
1- Shiite political parties still associate themselves with religion and refuse a secular agenda or thought and focus on Shiite Law.
2- Iraqi flag still contains the phrase ' God is Great' a symbol uttered by most Islamists and  the Interim Government succumbed to a few useless demonstrations who were not in favor of change. It may seen trivial but the cause that lies beneath serves as proof that the current government is weak and will succumb to larger demands in turning Iraq into a Shiite State that will be controlled by a central Iranian government.
3- the emphasis of shiite culture is evident in the current World News headlines in the days that followed the elections where posters of a 'cast your ballot and excercise your democratic rights' stand shoulder to shoulder with veiled women and women that only show their eyes. Is this the "new democracy" are we witnessing an New 'Islamic' Iraq?
4- Shiites still continue to threaten Iraqi Schools and Universities and Women to inflict upon them Shiiite culture and Law where they demand to seperate Schools and Universities based on Sexual Discrimination and forcing Women to wear Veils. this is also true in the fact that they continue to harass and plant bombs next to schools and even hairdressers.
5- the false claim that Shiites are a majority is a hoax and quantitavely speaking, it is wrong to say that a majority is simply based on quantitative matters than qualitative, since 90% of Shiite men are polygamous and have more than 3 wives and about 7-12 Children, most are raised in the most unhealthy conditions and are illiterate and whose mothers are oppressed , suffer violence and the 'male dominant' mentality still prevails.
such new citizens are a liabilty rather than an asset to any society, where if you compare with the Iraqi Jewish citizens, Sunni Muslim ( Arab, Kurd and Torkoman) and Christian Iraqis are educated and are more prone in creating a westernized ideal modern society.
What we ask of all those who are in favour of Iraq and in favour of creating a western style democracy we beseech you to send a copy of this proposal to your local authorities and your local Lobby groups who can voice our choice and help us reprimand our Politicians from creating an International scandal and mistake that will leave the future generations of the world facing disaster and terror.
1- Iraqi soil including Mesopotamia from Dohuk to Basra is to be an independent state with a provision that secures a full autonomous self rule for kurds exemplified in the area of Dohuk and Sulymaniah.
We propose Al Shareef Ali as President and Iraq's Prime Minister should be a Secular Sunni. Many Iraqis including ourselves do not trust The Shiite Islamic Terrorists like Chalabi and Sistani etc.....
Their continuous assaults and their lack of Political knowlege does not make them any favours amongs Iraqis except their equal demagogeous individuals.
Mr. Alawi is better suited to rule an Independent Shiite state in accordance with the Islamic high Council that lies in the land of kerbala and Najaf excluding Al Ukhaider.
this is the only solution for shiites to live in an independent state where they can preserve their peculiar 'culture' and since they already live in isolation from most Iraqis in which we can clearly see that in 'shiite' neighbourhoods such as 'al sadir city' to name but one of many shiite ghettos.
The New Shiite Free Iraqi state means that most shiites living in Baghdad would have to migrate to their new state and a minority may stay especially those who are educated and qualified to live amongst their Iraqi peers. while the majority of Shiites such as those residing in Al Sadir, Al Shulla, Hay El Furat and other neighbourhoods ought to move to their new Nation.
Iraq's new statehood and priorities should be set as follows:
1- to cease diplomatic relations with 'terrorist states' such as Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, PLO, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and Yemen.
2- Iraqi Jews must return to Iraq and the inflow of European jews from  Germany, Russia, Poland and other European States should settle in Iraq and have equal rights to hold positions of power and contribute to improving Iraq's future.
3- strong ties are to be established with Israel and that can be seen effective in establishing 'defence treaties' with Israel to secure both States' security and to halt any intervention from Hostile Nations.
4- A Meditteranean Union should be set up that works on the same strategies and tactics of the Europan Union in an effort to improve the economies of member states including Iraq and Israel.
What is Currently Happening in Iraq?
Shiites are taking a strong hold of power in Iraq  and since their are not fit nor qualified to hold power in Iraq and that can be explained in teh current demagogous acts and the total anarchy that is clearly evident on our daily Tv screens.  also the rate of corruption has increased and all the false promises that they are making to the United States will collapse once their cease power in Iraq. History stands as a witness that Shiites never keep their promises and they will turn against the U.S when they and if they rule Iraq.
Mr. Alawi has at one point in his life worked against Israel and this means that he is not trustworthy, in that he will only succumb to the U.S pressure to establish normal relations with Israel because he wants to cease power and not because he believs in Israel's right to exist.
as for Mr. Al Yawir whose political inclinations are owed to the Saudis, where he made his fortune from. and his knowlege of politics is anything but surreal and primitive.he also admitted on TV screens that he is learning as he goes along, as if he were to say that he has been appointed as President of Mauritius and NOT Iraq. Iraq is a lamb that is surrounded by Wolves , ready to devour every inch of its soil should they have an opportunity to do so.
I hope the message that this proposal is meant to convey reaches its target audience and we strive in an effort to build a secure civilized state that serves as an example to those who wish Iraq and the civilized world harm, that Iraq will set forth paving the way for more civilizations to emerge and to resurrect its old Civilizations and traditions that the world is accustomed to admire.

(October 2004) Absolute chaos. The incompetence of the Bush 
administration in handling post-war Iraq is now becoming fully and 
painfully evident. The insurgents have consistently outsmarted the 
Bush administration. First, Bush declared victory. The insurgents let 
him do it. While he was celebrating, they were regrouping and 
rearming. Then, as the USA troops were relaxing, the insurgents began 
to strike. The initial reaction by the USA was that a few terrorists 
were desperately trying to destabilize some cities. It soon became 
apparent that these "desperate" people had actually seized control of 
entire cities and of the entire northwestern region of Iraq, and then 
hundreds of USA soldiers were being killed all over the country. The 
USA acted to protect its troops and to foster reconstruction (to gain 
the "hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people), something that should 
have been done from the beginning, but, again, the insurgents 
outsmarted the USA: they began to target the very contractors who 
were supposed to reconstruct Iraq. Kidnappings and beheadings and 
sabotage have brought reconstruction to a virtual standstill. Iraqis 
still don't have sufficient electricity, water and health care, no 
matter how much the USA is willing to spend. (It also sounds like the 
Bush administration is channeling money earmarked for reconstruction 
to other sinister purposes, but that is another story). So the USA 
began to belatedly protect the civilian contractors, something that 
should have been done from the beginning. Then the USA decided that 
the best way to disengage was to rapidly train a force of Iraqi 
soldiers and national guards, something that, again, should have been 
done from the beginning. Alas, again, the insurgents were one step 
ahead: they started killing recruits by the hundreds. In one 
instance, the insurgents executed more than 40 recruits right after 
they left their training camp. The insurgents are killing or scarying 
away more recruits than the USA can provide. For every insurgent that 
the USA claims to have killed (and that frequently turns out to be an 
innocent bystander, with an appalling number of children and women 
among the victims), the insurgents kill ten or twenty recruits (which 
they consider as USA collaborators). It is not clear if the USA is 
winning the "hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people, but it is certain 
that the insurgents are scarying the hell out of them. The Iraqi army 
may disintegrate even before it is created.
No question that the USA will now start protecting its recruits in a 
more efficient way (again, something that it should have done before, 
not afterwards). But the insurgents are always one step ahead, so 
they are probably already planning the next phase of the civil war.
The fact is that the Bush administration has been grotesquely out of 
touch with Iraqi reality, proclaiming victory when the war had not 
even started.
There are cases in which the incompetence was so grotesque that one 
wonders if the Bush administration isn't doing it on purpose: the 
United Nations told the USA that the al-Qaqaa complex contained 
hundreds of tons of explosives that needed to be protected; the USA 
did not protect it; the insurgents stole it and are now using it to 
kill scores of both Iraqis and foreigners, and the quality of the 
explosive is such that it could be used to detonate a nuclear bomb.
The Iraqis used to be ruled by a mad dictator. They are probably 
beginning to wonder that maybe a mad dictator is better a bunch of 

(October 2004) Why the Iraqi children died. For many years, 
humanitarian agencies have claimed that thousands of Iraqi civilians 
(particularly children) died of malnutrition and lack of medicines, a 
problem caused by the international sanctions. All the statistics 
seemed to prove the opposite (see How many Iraqi civilians are killed 
by the sanctions?), except one: the demographic statistic, that 
confirmed and still confirms a decline in population growth during 
the 1990s. Another popular explanation for the decline in population 
growth was the depleted uranium found in some USA weapons, but that 
theory has largely lost credibility (see Demistifying the effects of 
depleted uranium on Iraq's population).
A third theory holds that, quite simply, Saddam killed a lot of young 
males during the 1980s and 1990s by venturing into two invasions 
(Iran and Kuwait) and internal massacres (Kurds in the 1980s and 
Shiites in 1991). The drop in male population has resulted in an 
apparent "fertility" crisis. THis is a very simple and very credible 
Nonetheless, any doctor in Iraq can confirm that during the 1990s the 
country did not have adequate medicines. Whether this caused the 
death of thousands of children or not can be debated forever, but the 
fact remains that the country was supposed to have plenty of 
medicines: the United Nations had set up an "oil for food" program 
designed precisely to guarantee that the Iraqi population would 
receive adequate food and medicines. What happened to that oil money?
An investigation has been underway for a while at the United Nations. 
Rumours of corruption have been circulating for years. Rumours that 
Saddam used the money to buy France's and Russia's help at the United 
Nations have circulated both in the USA and in the Middle East. Now 
the investigating commission has released preliminary findings that 
show the companies that benefited most from the "oil for food" 
program. As expected, the list is topped by Russian companies. France 
is a distant second. The USA is last.
This statistics does not prove wrongdoing so far, just Saddam's 
strange "affection" for Russia and France. It is still impossible to 
determine which was the cause and which was the effect: was Saddam 
simply thanking France and Russia for their help at the United 
Nations, or was Saddam bribing them?
The indisputable fact, though, is that money meant for food and 
medicines ended up in the pockets of corrupt European businessmen. We 
now know that the enti-Americans were right: there was a shortage of 
food and medicines in Iraq. What the anti-Americans failed to see was 
that Saddam Hussein (not the USA) was responsible for that tragedy, 
on top of all the others.
One more reason to get rid of Saddam Hussein. One more justification 
for the invasion of Iraq.
The weird fact is the surprising calm with which the Bush 
administration has been absorbing the findinds of the investigation. 
One would expect Bush to start screaming to the whole world "Do you 
see? Chirac and Putin were opposed to the war because they were on 
Saddam's payroll!" Instead, Washington has been surprisingly quiet 
about the whole scandal. It is hard to believe that Bush suddenly 
became a generous and forgiving, so one can't help suspecting that 
some kind of sinister deal has been reached with France (see How 
France is trying to win the peace) and with Russia (see Putin's 
recent endorsement of Bush).

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